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iApps: reviews of iPad apps, and guides

See also the blog: iappsblogger for a running record of issues.


Complain, complain: whines about iapps that don't work as they should

Malware blues hit App Store

What's wrong with the Air 2?

Guide to freebies


Recordium: a new tool for reporters

Google Reader expires...Now what?

Prelude: What's wrong with iPad2?

iPad for newbies

Postlude: Why buy the iPad NOT-3?

My new favourite keyboard: Kensington

Logitech Keyboard


This is a continuously update overview of Apps I have dowloaded and tested. I date them because their producers issue regular updates that improve performance. I try to keep up-to-date but it is difficult.

* Peter Hulm is Advisor on Innovative Journalism to the European Graduate School (www.egs.edu), a communications consultant for several international organizations and a journalist who maintains several websites, including www.crosslines.ch and www.switzerlandtoday.ch.